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Monterey County Democratic Clubs

Democratic Clubs are the grassroots of the Democratic Party. They're active in political issues, endorsing candidates and working on campaigns.There are clubs in different geographic areas of the county as well as clubs that are advocates for specific groups or issues. Most meet once a month and some publish a monthly newsletter.

Below is a list of active clubs with their contact information. Call the President/Chair to learn about meetings, membership, dues, and activities. Note that each club also has its own page, where you can view upcoming activities, and other types of information.


California Democratic Council

The CDC is the official organization of grassroots Democratic clubs in California. CDC membership is open to any Democratic Club affiliated with its County Central Committee. Assembly District Committees and Democratic Central Committees are also eligible to send representatives. A bottom-up organization, CDC sets its policy by vote of delegates to its open Annual Convention and its State Board meetings. Members of CDC-affiliated clubs may join statewide e-mail discussion groups and are also invited to lobby the State Legislature during the annual Lobby Day. Visit the CDC website at http://www.cdc-ca.org/.