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Our Founder's Circle

Each of the generous people listed here was in at the ground floor, contributing to the building of the Monterey County Democrats -- and all the victories for Democratic values that we've achieved together. We -- the whole Democratic community -- are deeply grateful.

Be Artrageous - Sue Hillyer
Amyelin Anderson and George Somero
Jane Parker and Chris Fitz
Constance Murray and David Buckingham
Kristine Edmunds and Frank Brunings
Skip Lloyd and Mary Anne Teed Lloyd
Boots Road Group
Democratic Club of the Monterey Peninsula
Democratic Women of Monterey County
Flor de Monterey
Futons and Such
Garden Health and Fitness - Deanna Lamarque
H. Carlin, CPA
LePage Construction
Michael Dineen Electrical
Monterey/Santa Cruz Counties
Building & Construction Trades Council
Political FrameWorks
Preston Kincaid Advertising and Design
Resort Maps
Salinas Valley Democratic Club
Tri-County Business Machines
Yamaguchi's Cafe
Rich Thesing and Francesca Farr
Robert Cruickshank and Rose McLendon
Luis Alejo
Ruth Alota
Douglas Paul Ambort
Shawn and Marjetka Bagley
Irene Baratoff
Janet Barnes
Juan and Joell Batista
Janet Beals
Melanie and Harvey Billig
Jan Black
Janet Brennan
Daniel Brown
Jason and Melissa Burnett
Anna Caballero
Helen Carlin
Carol and Tad Church
Janet Cohen
Theodore Cominos
Shelley A. Cost
Spencer and Lila Critchley
Jane Curtner
Joan E. DeMers
Karen and Steven Denmark
Francisco Dominguez
Richard Dowd
Barbara Bass Evans
Dennis Evans
Congressman Sam Farr
Gwendolyn and Drew Field
Lowell Figen
Anne Fitzpatrick
Richard Flower
Jack and Dawn Galante
David Garnham
Carol Harrington
Tamara B. Harris
Nan E. Heller
Anne Helms
Michael Hemp
Ida Holber
Bonnie Belky Howson
Christina Ilangakoon
Ann Jacobson
Joel Jensen
Alice and Don Jordan
Gary Karnes
Lauren and William Keenan
Sharon Kirsch
Harvey Kuffner
Cesar Lara
Lynette Lesko
Betty L. Lusk
Karina Lyke
Melodi Masaniai
Kimb Massey
Jana and Blake Matheson
Daniel McCormick
An McDowell
Michael Miller
Sharon Miller
Stefani Mistretta
Eddie Mitchell
Bill Monning
Linda Mullally
Brad and Laura Niebling
Ian and Rita Oglesby
Tama and John Oliver
Marian Penn
Bettye Pina
Julie Pizzo
Carl Pohlhammer
Ruth Rachel
Vanessa Rebecchi
Susan Rexrode
Glenn Robinson
Cathy Rosenthal
Helen B. Rucker
Timothy and Jane Sanders
George and Dee Dee Schroeder
Luma Serrano-Williams
Leslie Simon
Renate Soares
Fran Spector-Atkins
Kelley Stanley
Leslie Steiner
Dean and Joanne Storkan
Robert and Suzanne Taunt
Janet Thoele
Nick Tomb
Berenis Tomlinson
Joanne Velman
Pat Venza
John and Priscilla Walton
Ruthie Watts
Dena Weber
Joel and Bonni Weinstein
Michael Wildgoose
Susan Willey
Nan Williams
Constance S. Wright