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Region 7 CDP Delegate Meeting / Workshop

We would like to invite you to our 1st CDP Region 7 meeting of 2017! We hope that you have enjoyed your holiday and are prepared to continue to fight on behalf of our values. It is no secret that our party is in for a tough battle on the Federal level, however, all politics is local politics and the biggest way we can contribute is to engage our community in order to make sure we are prepared to push back when /& if the powers that be target our friends and family. We would like our first meeting of the year to be a call to action for our members in order to unite to stand for communities that are at risk under President Trump's administration. We will be conducting workshops and a brainstorming session on how we can move our party in the right direction.

Topics of Discussion:

- Brainstorm for 2018 
- Organizing / Voter Registration
- Club Development
- Issues
- Fundraising
-Candidate Training 

Communication Workers Assoc Union Hall
2015 Naglee Ave 
San Jose, CA 95128

For more information please email us at region7cdp@gmail.com