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Endorsements 2016

Our Voter Guide for the Presidential Election

The Monterey County Democratic Party has researched the races and is pleased to offer this Voter Guide with a slate of Democrats running for some very important offices. We have also included our recommendations for CA Propositions and local measures. You can also download this guide in two printable PDFs for Coastal Monterey County (29th Assembly District) and Salinas Valley/Big Sur (30th Assembly District).
Click here here to locate your polling place.
Candidates Endorsed by the Democratic Party 
U.S. Senate
U.S. Congress (CD 20)
State Senate (SD 17)
State Assembly (AD 29)
State Assembly (AD 30)
Statewide Ballot Propositions
Prop 51 | YES 
Upgrades Schools
Prop 52 | YES
Improves Access to Medi-Cal
Prop 53 | NO
Attacks Local Infrastructure Repairs
Prop 54 | NO
Helps Special Interests
Prop 55 | YES
Prevents Cuts to Public Education
Prop 56 | YES
Reduces Smoking
Prop 57 | YES
Provides for Justice Reform
Prop 58 | YES
Improves Language Instruction
Prop 59 | YES
Requests Overturning Citizen's United
Prop 60 | NO
Regulates Adult Film Making
Prop 61 | YES
Reduces Prescription Drug Price Increases
Prop 62 | YES
Replaces Death Penalty with Life in Prison Without Parole
Prop 63 | YES
Curbs Gun Violence
Prop 64 | YES
Regulates Use of Cannabis
Prop 65 | NO
Weakens Plastic Bag Ban
Prop 66 | NO
Increases Risk that California Executes an Innocent Person.
Prop 67 | YES
Protects Plastic Bag Ban


Local Candidates (in alpha order by city)
Mike Ventimiglia | Del Rey Oaks City Council
Maria Orozco | Gonzales Mayor 
Henry H. Martinez, Sr. | Gonzales City Council
Yanely Martinez | Greenfield City Council
Raul Rodriguez | Greenfield City Council
Carlos Manuel DeLeon | King City, District 3 
Carlos Victoria | King City, District 4 
Gail Morton | Marina City Council
Frank O'Connell | Marina City Council
Libby Downey | Monterey City Council
Alan Haffa | Monterey City Council
Bill Kampe | Pacific Grove Mayor 
Nick Smith | Pacific Grove City Council
Amit Pandya | Salinas Mayor 
Brian Contreras or Scott Davis | Salinas City Council, District 1 
Virginia Mendoza | Salinas City Council District 4
Jyl Lutes | Salinas City Council, District 6
Kay Cline | Seaside Mayor 
Kayla Jones | Seaside City Council
Ian Oglesby or Dave Pacheco | Seaside City Council 
Fred Ledesma | Soledad Mayor 
Anna Velazquez | Soledad City Council
Carissa Purnell or Victor Rey | SVMHS Director - Zone 2 


Local Propositions & Measures (in alpha order by measure)
Measure A | YES
City of Del Rey Oaks (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure B | YES
City of Del Rey Oaks (Protects Vital Services)
Measure D | YES
San Miguel School Bond (Better Schools)
Measure E | YES
Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District (Supports our Parks)
Measure F | YES
City of Soledad (Transient Occupancy Tax)
Measure G | YES
City of Monterey (Telephone Users Tax)
Measure H | YES
City of Monterey (Business License Tax)
Measure I | YES
City of Monterey (Public Works Local Regulations)
Measure J | YES
King City (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure K | YES
Shandon JUSD School Bond (Better Schools)
Measure L | YES
City of Salinas (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure M | YES
Alisal School District Bond (Better Schools)
Measure N | YES
San Ardo School Bond (Better Schools)
Measure O | YES
City of Greenfield (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure P | NO
Pacific Grove (5% Admission Event/Facility Tax)
Measure R | YES
Coalinga-Huron USD (Better Schools)
Measure S | YES
Aromas Fire Protection (Protects Fire Services)
Measure T | YES
Hartnell Community College School Bond (Better Schools)
Measure U | YES
City of Marina (Updates Business License Tax)
Measure V | YES
City of Marina (Changes Mayor's term to 4 years)
Measure W | YES
City of Gonzales (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure X | YES
Countywide (Improves Roads and Public Transit)
Measure Y | YES
Countywide (Regulates Cannabis)
Measure Z | YES
Countywide (Bans Fracking/ Protects Drinking Water)
How to Vote!
Polls are open on Election Day from 7am-8pm. Find your polling place here: https://www.iwillvote.com/locate/.