How to Cast Your Vote for John Laird

Need any last minute information about today's special election?

  • This special election is only for State Senate District 15.
  • If you normally vote at the poll: Find your polling location on the back of your sample ballot.
  • If you can't find your sample ballot, call the Monterey County Elections Department at 796-1499.
  • Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm.
  • If you normally vote absentee: Do not mail your ballot. Postmarks do not count!
  • On Election Day, you can drop it off at any polling place in the SD 15 portion of Monterey County or at the Monterey County Elections Department.
  • Please note that only polling locations in the 15th Senate District have an election today. Not all polling locations are open. If you have questions about your polling location or your ballot, call the Monterey County Elections Department at 796-1499.
  • If you need a ride to a polling place or need any other help to allow you to vote today, call our headquarters at 333-0101.

This election is far too important to miss!

Largest Phone Bank in State Senate History a Success

6000 Calls for John Laird on the First Night

John Laird Phonebank

What can 30 dedicated callers do in 2 hours? It turns out they can place 6000 calls and reach more than 2000 voters to tell them about the importance of voting for John Laird for State Senate in the special elections of June 22nd!

So why don't you join the largest Phone Bank in our history, extending from San Luis Obispo to Santa Clara.

Phone banking continues through Friday night.

Wednesday, June 17, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.  Sign Me Up
Thursday, June 18, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. Sign Me Up.
Friday, June 19, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. Sign Me Up.

Democratic Party and Laird Campaing Locations:
Monterey Center for Change, 60 Bonifacio Plaza, Monterey 

What this is

This is the group area for Monterey County Democrats paid and volunteer staff. Think of this home page as a "dashboard" connecting you to the resources you need most often. If you have suggestions for additions or improvements, please send them to Spencer at

Politicians' Web town halls boost their approval ratings - Nextgov

Lawmakers' Internet-based town hall meetings increase constituents' approval ratings for the politician, enhance citizen engagement in politics and ultimately impact the probability of participants voting for that member of Congress, according to a new Congressional Management Foundation report. CMF Executive Director Beverley Bell said online meetings offer lawmakers a flexible tool for communication in addition to traditional in-person meetings, tele-town halls and newsletters. "People like hearing from - and feeling heard by - their representatives in all formats, including online," she said Monday. Researchers from CMF, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Northeastern University, Ohio State University, and the University of California-Riverside found that members who engaged in online town halls experienced an average net approval rating jump of 18 points with similar increases in trust and perceptions of personal qualities. Town hall meetings also attract people from demographics not traditionally engaged in politics as well as those frustrated with the political system. About 96 percent of those polled said they would like to be included in similar events in the future. Goes Drupal | Personal Democracy Forum

300,000 strong for health care reform

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The target was 100,000. But volunteers across the country blew past that goal by early afternoon yesterday. New goal: 200,000. The result? More than 300,000 calls in one day! All in support of the health care reform this country needs so badly.

And Monterey County Democrats were part of it. When health care reform is achieved, people like these callers will have the quiet, lasting satisfaction of knowing they helped make it happen:

"I think the overwhelming message with yesterday's calling was gratitude. People still want to talk about their health care stories. Many are so grateful that the Democratic Party hasn't given up this fight. We kept hearing thank you, thank you, we know you are in a battle, so thank you for fighting for me." - Teri Short

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