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About Us

The Monterey County Democratic Central Committee is the elected body representing registered Democrats in Monterey County, and serves as the local presence of the California Democratic Party.

The Monterey County Democrats' Vision:

At our core, Democrats believe in people: poor and wealthy, old and young, woman and man, immigrant and American born. We believe that this is America's strength: that different people unite, working together for the good of each and for the good of all. We believe that government's role is to protect the people, and ensure justice, freedom and equal opportunity. And we believe that by standing firm on these values, California and America can reclaim our vision as a land of optimism and unity. Our nation was built on the belief that hard-working Americans will be rewarded with economic prosperity. The working families of California deserve a government that supports their hard work and shares their hope for the future. Given the enduring values of California Democrats, we are committed to programs that safeguard and ensure:

  • Smart, sustainable, safe, caring communities. We will reinvigorate the economy and reinvest in our communities to provide for the common good. We are committed to policies to stabilize energy costs and maximize alternative energy resources and conservation. We support the right for working Americans to organize and unionize to create better lives for their families. We will promote real tax relief for families and individuals and will work to reduce unemployment and create new jobs.
  • Quality public education as a fundamental right. Democrats strive to extend opportunities and access to all by making California's schools the best in the nation.
  • Affordable healthcare for working families, and Social Security and Medicare for future generations. We vigorously support full access for people with disabilities. Democrats will protect family leave and health care benefits and safeguard the well-being of our families by supporting every person's right to choose when and how to create a family.
  • Fiscal common sense and responsibility on the part of our elected leaders. We will restore the confidence of the people in the integrity of their government.
  • Real diplomacy as the foundation of our foreign policy. We strive for peace and stand strong in defense of our nation because we recognize the interdependence of all people. We will work for the swift and safe return of our troops in Iraq and provide our veterans with responsible health care and support on their return.
  • The constitutional rights of all Americans. In any circumstances, including in times of war and while we challenge terrorism, we are mindful that we cannot prevail in any conflict in which we compromise our democratic principles.
  • Protection from the terrible forces of discrimination and hate.

As Democrats, we will advocate for the enactment, continuance, and enforcement of civil rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity.

The Monterey County Democratic Central Committee is the elected body representing registered Democrats in Monterey County, and serves as the local presence of the California Democratic Party. The MCDCC holds monthly meetings every fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm. The meeting location alternates between the Monterey Center for Change (1238 Fremont Blvd, Seaside), and the Salinas Center for Change (931 East Market Street, Salinas). 

Meetings are open to the public. Call 866-679-3367 for more information, or check the calendar for location details of upcoming meetings.

Alan Haffa, Chair
P.O. Box 3024 Monterey, CA 93942
Tel (main): 866-MRY-DEMS (866-679-3367)

Tel (Center For Change, Seaside): 831-333-0101
Fax: 866-MRY-DEMS (866-679-3367)
email: Alan.Haffa@montereycountydemocrats.org

Executive Board

Alan Haffa, Chair
Karen Araujo, First Vice Chair
Elena Loomis, Second Vice Chair
Jennifer Rigney, Financial Officer
David Kong, Development Officer
James Thomas Green, Secretary
Jan Black, Democratic Party Executive Board Member

MCDCC Members

District 1 James Thomas Green, Lupe Sanchex, Patricia Coyt
District 2 Regina Gage, LeVonne Stone, Maria Luisa Alejo, Teri Short
District 3 Ernesto Infante, David Kong, Linda Janet Gonzalez
District 4 Karen Smith Araujo, Alicia Gaines, Herbert Cortez, Adam Alberto Urrutia, Amit Pandya
District 5 Jan Black, Holly Carlin, Jennifer Rigney, Gary Karnes, Timothy Barrett, Natalie Gray, Bill Leone, Carl Pohlammer
Designated Club Representatives: David Burnett, Marina Democratic Club; Vinz Koller, Democratic Club of the Monterey Peninsula: Alan Haffa, Progressive Democrats of America; Susan Selix, Democratic Women of Monterey County; At Large Members: Luma Serrano Williams, Legal Counsel and Erin Fogg, Communications Director; Ex-Officio Members Luis Alejo, 28th Assembly District Bill Monning, 27th Assembly District, Sam Farr, 17th Congressional District

What Is A Central Committee?

County Central Committees are the local governing body of the Democratic Party in their county.  They are chartered by the State Democratic Party. Central Committees raise funds, plan election activities, and may open campaign headquarters.  In addition, the Monterey County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC) charters local Democratic Clubs with dues paying memberships of a minimum of 20 registered Democrats. Representatives to the MCDCC are elected every four years. Representation on the MCDCC is based on the number of registered Democrats within each County Supervisorial District and members must live in the Supervisorial District which they represent. Members can be local Democrats elected to the Committee, as well as partisan-level Democratic nominees or Democratic Elected Officials (ex-officio members) who live in the county.


Region 7
Monterey County is in the California Democratic Party's Region 7, which includes Assembly Districts 27, 28, 29, and 30. The Region 7 Director is Omar Torres.  He may be reached at region7cdp@gmail.com .

Regional Directors, with the Statewide Officers, constitute the State Officers of the California Democratic Party. The Regional Directors assist the statewide officers in the maintenance and development of the Party organization within their respective regions. They are responsible for developing, assisting, and coordinating the County Central Committees, Clubs & other Democratic organizations within their region. Regional Directors are elected to two-year terms.

Assembly District Committees
These are the basic organizational units of the California Democratic Party. Assembly District Committees represent Assembly Districts and serve as nominators to the Democratic State Central Committee. For more information about becoming a member or about upcoming meetings, please contact the Chair of your Assembly District Committee (see below).

29th Assembly District
Includes Carmel Highlands, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Seaside, Fort Ord, Marina, Castroville, parts of North Monterey County and parts of Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Santa Clara Counties.

E-Board Representative: Scott Dick, scott@tastyplanet.org

30th Assembly District

Includes Salinas, South Monterey County, including Big Sur, parts of North Monterey County, parts of Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties and all of San Benito County.

Chair: Steven McDougall, spmcdougall@sbcglobal.net



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