Jacqueline Simon

Occupation: Incumbent

Education and Qualifications: Jacqueline C. Simon is the CEO and president of JCS Ventures, a business development consultant group, established in 1988. Jacqueline attended San Jose State University, where she received a Masters in Personnel and Counseling, and a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. Jacqueline's experience and expertise spans over 30 years in the areas of organizational development, management & leadership training. Ms. Simon was named “Woman of the Year” by Senator Feinstein.

She has been called a “patriot for non-profits and, private sector business” by the Exodus Business Magazine. She has an excellent track record in contract procurement, employee practices, benefits and compensation. Ms. Simon developed, and analyzed policies, procedures, with strict adherence to workers compensation laws. Ms. Simon currently provides this level of experience as a member of the North County Fire Protection District of Monterey County. I am a 50 year resident of Monterey County, I believe my current experience on the North County Fire Board of Directors will continue to provide me with the wisdom and the knowledge to “serve the needs of our wonderful” community. At this time I am requesting the “ honor to continue to serve you” as a member of the Board.

Very Sincerely, Jacqueline C. Simon

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